Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

I’d downloaded this book late in 2014, but had my personal pre-reader (Hubs) check the book out first.  While Hubs can be a slow reader, he cranked through Mr. Weir’s novel in record time, often laughing out loud and sharing funny lines of dialogue with me.  I started reading last week and quickly finished the book.  When reading, I had no idea it was a self published novel.  While I can understand how it might be a difficult sell to a traditional publisher (there are A LOT of science and engineering terms), the story itself is quite unique, as is the protagonist.  The tension of survival, supporting cast and race for survival (all with a sense of humor) make a very entertaining read.  I’m quite delighted the book has been optioned for film and will be released later this year.

In reading how the book came to be so successful, the author shared much of the rough draft online, listing it for free for a considerable amount of time before making it available on Amazon.  Between word of mouth and an initial low price point (.99), the popularity of the book grew.  Score one for self publishing!

Definitely recommend!


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