On Writing With A Day Job (Expectations Vs. Reality)

There have been a lot of great articles (here and here) recently about what it takes to ‘make it’ as a full time writer.  As someone considering making the transition into full time writing, I’ve really appreciated a very real view into what it takes to make this happen.  I’m under no illusions that I’m going to somehow magically start making a profit or enough to even remotely cover my current salary.  However, maybe I don’t have to give up my day job completely.  Maybe it’s okay to do both.  Maybe that’s the reality of the modern author.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from the article:

“For a while, I was in a bit of a funk, wrestling with the thought, I’m a writer. If I’m not making this my living, I’m a failure. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to know that I wasn’t the only one who worked full time in spite of being able to find writing work on a regular basis. It is okay if you keep a day job while you continue writing.” 

This is a real thing and I didn’t realize how much I needed to read it.  Not that I could work full time as a writer, but yup, I get in the same funk.  What’s the point of putting all this effort into something that doesn’t or potentially won’t ever support me?  Keep reading.

“If you are working, and working at your craft, you are not a failure. The only people who are failures are the ones who give up.”

And while this statement could apply to anything creative, I do keep working and don’t see any signs of giving up anytime soon.


Do you have similar struggles?  What do you do to stay positive?

2 thoughts on “On Writing With A Day Job (Expectations Vs. Reality)

  1. I can totally relate. Boy, can I totally relate. I teach color guard for now, but am considering pursuing teaching writing at the college level. I will also pursue teaching workshops at conferences. Always looking for multiple streams of income to support my writing habit!
    (and how did you get comments on here, btw? I can never figure it out with my own blog).

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