Graphic Novel Review: Lady Mechanika (series)

In my quest for all things steampunk as research for my YA Queen series (yes, I have an idea for a sequel), I somehow came across the graphic novel, Lady Mechanika, by Joe Benitez.  Although it took a bit of figuring out how to get my hands on a digital copy, I eventually went to Comixology, opened an account and downloaded a short chapter (Episode #0) for free.  What do you know?  I was hooked!  While I hadn’t ever specifically considered reading graphic novels or comics as part of research, for YA steampunk, the genre seems like a natural place to look.  Three chapters (issues?  I’m not sure what the correct vernacular is here) in, I’m enjoying the story, artwork and am excited to see what direction upcoming issues will take the plot.  Additionally, I’m particularly enjoying how these comics read on my iPad mini – there is a really nice flow through the panels.  Technology is pretty amazing!  Also, the artwork is just fantastic to look at.

While Lady Mechanika and my protagonist do not share a lot in the way of a backstory, I’d like to think that my Queen is going to have the same kind of attitude – polite, intelligent, but also able to take care of herself.  I’m definitely going to keep reading.


What say you, dear reader, do you read comics/graphic novels?  Do you have any recommendations?


What are your thoughts?

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