The Author’s 24 Hour Product Diary

Because, why not?  I’m loving this series on Millihelen and thought I would share my own.  Riveting blog post, is it not?

First of all, I wear make up because I like to.  Not because society expects me to, or my husband wants me to – but because I feel more complete when I do.  On the weekends, I might skip the process, unless I’m going out or to brunch, but wearing make up is something I genuinely like to do.  You might feel different.  Good for you, whatever your choice is.  I’d classify my routine as fairly low maintenance, in that, I can usually be ready in minimal time.  This is mostly because I do not regularly bother doing anything with my hair more than putting it up or down.

So, if I’m up for work, I hit the shower with my Clarisonic Mia loaded with some Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, because reasons.  I am a fairly recent convert to the electronic facial cleansing thing.  I never had any issue with breakouts before (thank you, Neutrogena), but after using the device after a day and seeing how much makeup it removed, I was on board.  Shower time is nothing special – I use hair products for color treated hair and Schick’s Intuition razor.  For reason’s unknown, Friday (which, in the Middle East where I work and live is technically Saturday for the rest of the world) is my special bathing day – I’ve dubbed it my ‘Friday Shower,’ in which I relax and use whatever various and sundry bath products I have in my home.  Hubs knows he is not allowed in this sacred bathing time.

Out of the shower, it’s time to moisturize my face (I go between Olay because I am getting old and Clinique products because they usually come as a sample) and try to look out for my eyes with some product or another.  If I am going full service, I might use a serum after moisturizing is that the order you’re supposed to?, but that depends on if I have one.  I tend to get dressed and then once clothed, cat fed and lunch packed, get back to make up.  I am a fan of BB or CC creams, Clinique’s hasn’t done be wrong yet and 30SPF is a minimum in the desert even if I never see the sun during the day.  If I do nothing else, at least my skin is more or less evened out and protected.

Since I live where can be up to 1 billion degrees (estimated), there is always cause for deodorant.

After applying the CC cream (and blending with this professional level guy), it’s on to cover up some deep under eye circles and any very small blemishes, via Benefit’s Erase Paste.  True story, this stuff lasts forever.  I bought one last year (earlier?!) and it’s still got plenty left.  I’ll use a brush or blender to make sure everything looks one shade.

If I remember, my next step is luminizer.  This was a gift in a recent PopSugar box I received for the holidays because my sister is amazing.  While I don’t think it’s quite the game changer people are making it out to be, I do have to think that any little thing helps.  I’m not entirely certain I’ll buy a new pot when the one I have is up, but it’s kind of fun to play with new products.

Time to put some color in my cheeks!  I’m not particular to any particular brand.  At the moment, I’m using a Make brand (in Geisha), but there’s nothing particularly spectacular about it.  I also have one of the cream versions, but am more or less whelmed by it.

Onto my eyes!  Full disclosure, I rarely wear mascara and eyeliner.  The combo are something I usually save for special occasions, mostly because I always rub my eyes.  Like, I can’t make it through a single day without doing it, so wearing mascara is a complete lost cause.  Fortunately, there are other products!  I received this Too Faced Natural Eyes set last April and have been infatuated with it ever since.  I use it almost every day.  When I do branch out for a night out, I opt for Stila eyeliner in Intense Black.  No, I have not managed to try or even remotely pull off a cat eye.  No, I have no idea how to up my brow game.  I wish I had both of these skills.  Why did I miss this day of girl school?* Also, given the fact that I wear glasses, I’m not really even sure why I’m bothering with this amount of time on my eyes anyway.

Powder is, and always has been, Clinique’s pressed powder in Stay Neutral.

Lips are last and I’ve been going through a phase where I’ve actually been trying to add color.  Yup, at almost 35 years of age, I’ve decided to up my game past few weeks and actually try a little more on this front.  It doesn’t matter that I literally have 14 lip products near me at all times (this isn’t even an understatement), but I seem to always prefer lip gloss/color that has no real impact.

With my hair still wet and no fucks to be given, for some reason, it’s only after I leave the house that it occurs to me to put on perfume.  I’ve gone through various and sundry fragrances over the years (Clinique Happy to DKNY Be Delicious), and right now am on Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.  I actually love the twist and spray – it’s perfect for my purse and doesn’t take up a heap of room.

During the day, I will, of course, reapply one of my 14 lip products and apply hand lotion, but honestly, I’m pretty set – my make up stays in place and I don’t get all that shiny.

At night, it’s back to the Clarisonic, sometimes remember to use toner and the same moisturizer again.  I complete the process with Tocca moisturizer for my hands (it’s my favorite scent).

Genetics have helped quite a bit – I’ve been asked if I was a student the past couple of years on whatever campus I happen to be working on and hope it continues.  I think my days of being carded are past, but a girl can dream!

It’s usually better when someone else does it.


*I have a theory that there are days in school that I clearly missed, where all the other young ladies were taken aside and shown how to do hair, cat eyeliner, and pose for pictures.  I missed this day in class.

What say you, dear reader, any products you swear by?  Can you do a cat eye?

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