A lovely bit of spam…

The thing about having a relatively unique name (allegedly, there are only 22 people with my name in the States), is that sometimes I get mistaken e-mails for people with my name.  I’ve been the recipient of some strange and random requests, but this morning’s message was among the stranger, and I can’t even decide if it’s spam or a real e-mail.   The title of the e-mail was:  The last few days I’ve been thinking of all the great times we have had…..‏ and the body of the communication was simply some Tom Waits lyrics.  I responded to the message and let them know they had the wrong Courtney Brandt, so we’ll see if they say anything back or if I’m totally being catfished.

Well the smart money’s on Harlow
And the moon is in the street
The shadow boys are breaking all the laws
And you’re east of East St. Louis
And the wind is making speeches
And the rain sounds like a round of applause
Napoleon is weeping in the Carnival saloon
His invisible fiance is in the mirror
The band is going home
It’s raining hammers, it’s raining nails
Yes, it’s true, there’s nothin’ left for him down here

And it’s Time Time Time…

Tom Waits, Time

What’s the weirdest non-intended e-mail you’ve ever received?

What are your thoughts?

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