This just in – I (really) like adverbs.

Today I start the final draft of Life After Joe.  This will involve reviewing notes from various beta readers, additional thoughts and scenes I want to add or take out and, for the first time, using editing software to get a better idea of what a computer thinks of my manuscript.  While a program certainly isn’t going to build a better character or create improved dialogue (that’s on me), it can highlight grammatical errors and other editing type issues.  While the final product is going to be mine, it is nice to take suggestions from wherever I can find them.

I should also mention that this is all in preparation of a draft that will be sent to a professional editor for a final review.

Of the initial 39 adverbs I had originally included, Hemingway suggests I cut down to 21.

What about you, dear reader?  Is there a program or system you prefer to use?

And now, away from my procrastination, and to edit!

What are your thoughts?

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