Book Review: The Iron Duke

In the mood to up my genre research reading in the realm of Steampunk, I reviewed my ‘to read’ list and ran across this book by Meljean Brook.  ‘Why the hell not?’ I asked myself and settled in.  Turns out, the novel was everything I had been looking for – excellent world building, a unique take on steampunk, a heroine with depth and a scorching romance.  Where Ms. Brook really excels is her use of integrating technological elements – highlighting concerns for my current manuscript and the utter lack of these details.

Yes to Book #1, not sure about the rest of the series.

After finishing, I realized I had previously downloaded the third book in the series (Riveted, which, incidentally has a much better cover than some rando’s abs not that I’m complaining) and started reading it.  Unfortunately, there is a good reason I stopped reading the first time around.  For all the great elements of the first book, the third book seems to be lacking any similarities and I’m still trying to figure out why.  For whatever percentage of the book I have made it through, I don’t particularly care about the protagonist or her issues.  I will most likely struggle to finish, if anything

Have you ever read one book by an author and LOVED it, only to be disappointed by another book in the series?

What are your thoughts?

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