Ode to an iPhone 4.

The thing about your smartphone is utterly ubiquitous it is in your life.  My iPhone 4 made its arrival two days into my tenure in Qatar (November 2011 – in a surprisingly easy visit to Qtel).  From there, it has been part of many important moments in my life: my 10 year wedding anniversary in Vegas, my sister’s wedding and countless trips to destinations around the world.  It was the repository for notes and ideas and quotes I wanted to use.  It held some truly random songs (close to four years and I never got around to uploading my full music collection).  I could scroll through and see pictures of my beloved Brendan.  Every night, I turned on Sleep Cycle and my favorite white noise app.  When I was without my Kindle, I would read books from the tiny screen.  And, for reasons unknown, I managed not to lose the damn thing (across continents and drunken nights in taxis), but left other objects (goodbye Beats) behind.

And now, as it slowly died (I was having to press buttons a lot to make things work), I made the decision to upgrade to the iPhone 6, of which I am a proud new owner.

Where will this phone go?  What moments in my life will my new phone be around for?  Here’s hoping for another four years together!

Farewell, friend.  We had a good run.


What are your thoughts?

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