My ideal amenity kit.

I travel.  Not as much as I like, but hopefully that will change.  I’m not sure why, but I recently thought, ‘What would my ideal amenity kit include?’  What?  You don’t walk around thinking things like that?  It could be my love of all things sample size (seriously, it’s a good thing I don’t live in the States, or I would have subscriptions to all the monthly make up boxes), or it could just be I am weird.  Anyway, here is my list for a dream amenity kit (bottle of Veuve not included):

1. A cool case (a la these fantastic versions from Rimowa).  Leather seems nice, but there is something very modern about the below design.  Don’t get me wrong, the current Etihad business class kit is one of my favorite things to give away to friends, and I still use my Emirates Bvlgari amenity bag as a clutch, but I’d love to reuse one of these.


2.  Kleenex!  This item appears only sometimes in kits, but I’d like to see a really nice branded version.  I know it’s sad this is on my dream list, but on a 17 hour flight, it might be nice to have a full pack.

A branding opportunity.

3.  Similar to the Kleenex, I would love to see a moist towelette or some form of make up remover.  Not even a whole pack, just a sample of one or two.


4. An eye cover – while I use the Etihad dark brown one every night, I did enjoy the Tumi logoed one from Delta.  On long haul flights this is standard and necessary.


5. Ear plugs – I hate sounds.  These are necessary.  It’s nice when they come in a little case, but I’ll take anything.


6.  Lotion.  I’m partial to Tocca, but would be willing to receive any luxe situation (or even a box of fun make up).  I think JetBlue is really onto something with their Birchbox partnership.


7.  Lip Balm (or any sort of lip gloss).  While I could see companies wanting to go for gender neutral (ala Chapstick), it might be nice to have something high end for the ladies.


8. Evian mist (this is a dream kit, remember?)


9.  Deodorant (because let’s face it, sweating is part of who I am)


10. Some sort of tooth paste and tooth brush kit (you know you need at least a one time use on the long haul – don’t forget to bring some bottled water with you to the bathroom).  Also ideal, a small bottle of mouth wash.


11. Some sort of logoed souvenir (good example include the KLM Delft Blue houses, but I would also like to see various things like a keychain, a patch, glasses, travel mug or even a small stuffed animal I am 12).


12.  Socks.  There’s no way I’m walking around without covering my feet up.  I’d love to see something cozy like this:



13. A pen.  It’s always useful to have something available to fill in the customs form with.



14.  Comb – with a mirror.  Rather than having to go into the overhead compartment and dig around in my bag, it would be nice to have one of these handy.


15.  Jim-jams.  I’ve only been on one flight long enough to have pajamas offered, but it was a nice touch.

download (1)
Personally, I’m holding out for the adult onesie.


16.  Perfume – got to smell great getting off the flight, right?



17.  Hairbands!  #necessary


With references to this great article.  And also, while not technically in the amenity kit – the blankets on Etihad are beyond soft and amazing and they usually have a fantastic offer of magazines.

What would you have in your ideal amenity kit?  Am I missing anything?

What are your thoughts?

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