Old school gentlemen at Vinkeles.

As mentioned previously, when traveling, Hubs and I like to dine somewhere nice.  We’ve previously visited Bridges in Amsterdam (definitely recommend!), but for our recent trip, I decided on Vinkeles.  With a Michelin star as well as in a hotel I’ve been dying to stay at (The Dylan), as well as being literally around the corner from our AirBnb, I made the reservation and looked forward to the evening.  Given how close we were, I thought, cobblestones and uneven surfaces be damned, I’m going to wear heels (my gams are my best feature).  The restaurant, lovely as it was, did contain a rather intimidating set of stairs.  Going down the stairs was not a problem (thank you, railing), but upon my return visit (the toilets were outside of the restaurant), I found myself in a bit of a situation as to going up the stairs.

Enter, the nice staff at Vinkeles.

In both of my trips to the loo, wonderfully gallant gentlemen were there to escort me up (and down) the two flights of stairs.

I don’t know why I feel like sharing this, maybe it’s just one of those unexpected moments.  Anyway, I loved the attention and highly recommend the delicious food and (of course) service!

Not for me! (Although Hugh Jackman helping me would’ve been okay).

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