Casting couch: Life After Joe

In case you missed the news, Life After Joe is now available!  I had a lot of fun writing it, and am more than ready to start getting the word out via my attempts at marketing (hopefully you won’t get sick of me in the coming month, but a self published author has to hustle now and then #pimpingainteasy).990331622f89c1ecdfdeabaff5078a3dHaving worked in the entertainment industry, and even being accepted to USC for my MFA in Directing once upon a time, I’ve always thought cinematically about my novels.  Many of the images are taken from the Pinterest board I have for the book (if you’re interested).

Liz McNeil (Emily Blunt)

I love Emily Blunt as an actress and think she would be perfect as the protagonist.  Sure, she’s British and my characters are American, but she’s really who I’ve pictured while writing Life After Joe.  What do you say, Ms. Blunt?  Any interest in taking on this project?


Dr. Joseph ‘Joe’ McNeil (Adam Kaufman)

Although Joe is not technically alive in the book, I’d like to think a film adaptation would have room for flashbacks, etc. and for that, I’d need an actor.  Furthermore, my hope is the representation of Joe is a fairly developed one, such that he feels like a ‘real’ character in the book.


Adrian Boudreaux (Theo James)

I don’t want to have too many spoilers, so let’s just say he’s an important-ish character and leave things there, shall we?


Dr. Stephen Schwartz (Logan Marshall-Green)

This is Joe’s best friend and source of great support to Liz during her trip.

Logan+Marshall+Green+Guy+Pearce+heats+up+blue+Kld1VyJC_NslAnd finally, in the role of lead supporting character is Apollo – Liz and Joe’s beloved mutt.


There’s actually a fairly large cast in the book due to all the stops Liz makes on her trip, but these are who I see in the principal roles.  Anyway, I’d be curious to hear who you pictured!

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