Buy the Book: Life After Joe

The other post was so fun, I thought I’d do a similar one (still inspired by this post).

1. Kia Soul (starting msrp $15,190) Getting Liz safely around the country, here is the version I imagined her driving around in.


2. Ice Cream ($3.97 for pint)  One of Liz’s favorite things on earth, ice cream has a mention in almost every chapter.


3. Urn (prices vary) After an incident in an early chapter, Liz is forced to choose another final resting place for her dead husband, Joe.

4. Ouija Board ($19.07) Somewhat reminiscent of Room 702, there is another scene involving main characters and a Ouija board. What? Author’s can have objects they like to use.


5. Dinner at Hakkasan (Las Vegas) (prices vary) After a long visit with Aunt Suze in Nevada, Liz treats them to a final dinner together.

6. Burberry Cotton 3-Piece Set ($200) When Liz visits her (surprise) pregnant former roommate, she feels the need to spoil her friend (and eventual goddaughter).


7. Toothpaste ($3.47) Liz is notorious for forgetting toothpaste during her trip.


8. The Year of Magical Thinking ($7.47 for the Kindle version) I like the idea that Liz would read a book about another widow (and somehow feel better about her situation).


9. Gallon of gas (prices range per state and county)  Given the amount of time Liz spends on the road, I’m not entirely certain how many gallons she purchases during the novel.the

10. Red Sox Cap (prices vary) In honor of Joe’s beloved Sox (and Liz’s er, flawed visit to Fenway), here is what I pictured Liz wearing for much of her trip.


I’d love to read your suggestions!

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