Day 2, Blogging Challenge: 20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me.  (Well challenge, we’re going from 0 to 100, aren’t we?)

1. I like to sing. A lot. In the car, on the street, in the stairwell…for no random reason. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be in a band. I’m sad I haven’t been to karaoke in a long time.

2. I almost always have girl friends as part of a trio. Leigh, Crystal. Bridget, Rachael. My train girls. Mae and Adelaide. Cora and Cami.  I’m looking for my next set right now…

3. I will probably not have kids. I don’t have anything against the MANY MANY couples I know that have had, or will have children, but it’s just not for me.

4. I want to climb the Tetons. I want to summit the Grand. After looking at for 2 summers in a row, it’s high on my list. There is a climbing school that makes this possible in a week.

5. It takes me an insanely long time to fall asleep most nights. I can count on 1-2 hours if it’s a weekday, maybe less on the weekend.  This has been a part of my life for years.  Insomnia is no one’s friend.

6. When I’m retired, I want to live a Golden Girls style life with all of my various friends close by and take a ton of college classes.

7. I want any of my books to be made into a film so bad, sometimes it’s all I can think about.

8. Although it’s been awhile, I still write fanfiction and I love it. Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s how I got started writing.

9. I don’t have a gallbladder. My first (and only) surgery took place a few years ago in Dubai.

10. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to finish all the novels and projects that are floating around as ideas in my head.

11. I really think my readers are amazing. I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened if I had waited for a traditional publisher / agent and realize I would’ve missed out on meeting so many cool and talented people.

12. 2001 and 2007 were the best years of my life – in those times I have never been more productive or got more accomplished. I wish every year could be those years.

13. I think Sprite (or 7UP) should only be consumed if it is freezing cold.

14. I will never press an elevator button with my finger – I always use my knuckle.

15. A Life Less Ordinary is my all time favorite film.

16. I honestly believe my husband and his cat were related in a former life.

17. I have a birthday twin – she was born the same day, same year in Australia. We found each other when I lived there and are friends to this day.

18. I once showed Harrison Ford to the ladies room when I was temping at Warner Brothers.

19. I can ballroom dance.  While my skills are a little rusty, I need to get back on a dance floor.

20. I could live on salmon sashimi.

Want to know anything else about me?  Just ask!

What are your thoughts?

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