App vs. App: How Many Steps per Day

So, after all the travel and umpteen course meals over the summer, you’ll not be surprised to learn that I gained a few pounds (mostly worth it, for the record).  With a trip to the Seychelles booked for September, I thought it was high time to get my butt in gear and start a diet and exercise regime (after all, it’s worked in the past).  Knowing cardio was probably going to be my best way forward, I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and off I went.  In addition to logging my calories (sticking close to a limit of 1200 calories per day) and 30 minutes of cardio, I managed to finally link my fitbit and the MyFitnessPal app yesterday.  It’s interesting to see the difference between how many steps my iPhone thinks I took vs. the actual number according to my FitBit.

With a loss of nearly two pounds this week, I’m hoping to keep the momentum going.


11787493_10155820830150627_522539376_nWhat works best for you?

What are your thoughts?

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