Day 5, Blogging Challenge: Proudest Moment

I’ve given a fair amount of thought to this question.  If you would ask 15 year old me the answer, she would tell you it was being awarded a spot on the bass line in the Brookwood High School marching band – a position she worked insanely hard to obtain.

As an adult, I have a lot to be proud of – a successful move abroad, a marriage to one of the best people I know, friends around the world, a day job that allows me to help others get the best education.

As a writer, I would admit that there is this moment when you finish a manuscript – it’s unlike anything else in the world.  Unless you share this information with the world, there’s this massive thing you’ve accomplished and no one can take it away from you.

However, if I could concentrate all the moments, I think one of the most emotional was this one (from last year).  A reader had contemplated suicide (like one of my characters in Room 702), but life turned her around and she’s now happily married with a child.  She was brave enough to write to me:

“I told my husband the next morning more about the book (along with some co-workers) and I really cried when I was retelling that story. I really enjoyed the book (actually my first time reading an e-book). Thank you for the opportunity to put things in perspective. One year at the Winchester was filled with ups and downs, but the memories will linger far longer than this Kindle battery.”

Serious chills (and maybe some tears of my own).  I’m hoping for more moments like that in my career as an author.

What’s your proudest moment?

What are your thoughts?

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