Day 11, Blogging Challenge: Top 10 Favorite Foods

(Life on the Wedge, would love to see your answers to this one!) So, when I’m not dining at Noma, I actually have a fairly pedestrian palate…witness below:

  1. Salmon sashimi (I could literally live on it – I order sashimi/sushi a minimum of once a week).
  2. Chicken biscuit, Chik-Fil-a (I am willing to look aside from their grievances against the gay community once or twice a year for breakfast).
  3. My mom’s chicken and noodles.  (A classic from my childhood – straight outta the Crock Pot).
  4. Garrett’s popcorn (you have to mix the cheese and caramel)
  5. Grilled cheese sandwich (a must from The Grit, Athens, GA)
  6. Krispy Kreme, original glazed (Another holdover from childhood – with Atlanta being a starting point for these amazing donuts, it’s a great day when you drive by and see the hot sign on).
  7. Toasted bagel with cream cheese (I hate carbs, can’t you tell?)
  8. Queso dip and chips (Wash it down with a margarita and call it a day!  A specialty that doesn’t exist outside the United States, I’ve just made myself sad by listing a food I won’t be able to have until next year at the earliest).
  9. Guacamole (homemade, with LOADS of cilantro)
  10. Papa John’s cheese sticks (with the fake cheese dip!)
I like cheese more than I thought.

I have a feeling this list would change dramatically if I wasn’t crazy stressed at work today.  Each of these reads as utter comfort food.  Opposite to this is of course, many of the fine meals I’ve enjoyed at Michelin rated restaurants!

Liz Lemon really is my spirit animal.


What are your thoughts?

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