Day 14, Blogging Challenge: 3 Healthy Habits

I am by no means an expert on the subject, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Be accountable.  I recently reached the top side of my weight range over the summer.  I jumped back onto MyFitnessPal to start calculating exactly how many calories I was consuming a day.  Yes, you will think twice about office sweets or a second glass bottle of wine.
  2. Mix it up.  In an ideal world, I would go to Kickboxing on Mondays, Zumba on Tuesdays and salsa dance the rest of the week.  Given none of that is particularly available at a time when I need it to be, I’ve tried something different for me and have been enjoying the Couch to 5K training.
  3. Leave work at work.  Yes, this is a bit of mental health.  As my job is already back to completely stressing me out again, I’m glad I can (mostly) leave work at work.  Some things might keep me up at night, but for the most part – I walk out the door and make myself leave it all behind.  My employer already gets close to 45 hours a week from me, I think that’s more than enough.

tumblr_nboddnpk6l1qax99wo10_500What are your tips?


2 thoughts on “Day 14, Blogging Challenge: 3 Healthy Habits

  1. #1 is definitely what does it for me! Once I started counting calories, I couldn’t believe how much I was overeating. It’s been easy to lose 20 lbs and not starve myself, eating low-calorie foods. 🙂

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