How to Title Every Book You Ever Write

Based on this fun post, I thought I would take a break from everything and procrastinate on my other projects.

The Promising Debut Novel
Title: (Scent of your deodorant or shampoo) on (street you grew up on)

Fresh Shire

The Disappointing Sophomore Effort
Title: The (your father’s profession)’s Daughter

The Pharmaceutical Rep’s Daughter

The Reputation-Rescuing Collection of Stories
Title: The (if you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?) (which of the following was your favorite school field trip: museum, zoo, symphony, circus, farm, cruise, senate, theater)

The Unicorn Museum (I don’t know what that is, but I want to visit!)

The Legacy-Building Important Literary Novel
Title: The (your first job title)s
(If your first job title isn’t that evocative, like “event planner” or “clerk,” add the county in which you live. Example: The Event Planners of Cook County.)

The Babysitters of Gwinnett County

Another Literary Novel to Prove the Last One Wasn’t a Fluke
Title: (your birth month)(third most populous city in the first foreign country you ever visited)
Example: December in Marseille

March in Sheffield

Your Agent Pointed Out That You Could Make Some Money Without Writing Anything New
Title: You’ll need a purse or briefcase or, if you don’t have either, open your messiest desk drawer. Close your eyes, reach in and grab whatever is in the very bottom or back. Add “The Wisdom of” before that item.
Example: The Wisdom of Eyeglasses

The Wisdom of Breath Mints

The Final, Contemplative Novel
Title: (Your favorite season)(you’re told that someone left a rotten egg in your house; is your first questions who, what, why, where, or how?)
Example: Autumnwhere


I have a long way to go to get through these titles.  🙂

What are your thoughts?

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