Day 20, Blogging Challenge: What Makes You Happy

While I like a lot of the finer things in life, there is definitely room for the simple things as well:

  • Watching my cat Nubbins play (or run, or do anything pretty much)
  • A crisp glass of Veuve
  • Hearing from someone I haven’t heard from in awhile
  • A book sale
  • A good review of one of my works
  • Finishing a day with 1,000 (decent) words towards a manuscript
  • Being upgraded to business class (especially on a long flight)
  • Dark chocolate KitKats
  • Hearing about someone I know doing something awesome
  • A new book by a favorite author
  • Stickers!!!11!!!
  • Going to a new restaurant with an ambitious multi-course menu
  • Long weekends
  • Traveling somewhere new
  • A fancy hotel room
  • Mail or post of any kind
  • Films by Wes Anderson
  • Going salsa dancing
  • Anything that comes in tiny sample size packaging
  • Karaoke
  • Doges
  • Honey Badgers
  • And the below .gif:
Chloe is my spirit animal.

And there is a whole category on my blog to ‘things I like.’

What makes you happy?

What are your thoughts?

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