Day 28, Blogging Challenge: Most Embarrassing Moment

Due to work, I had no energy yesterday, so today I’ll post twice.  And then we can forget the story I’m about to tell.  While a lot of my embarrassing stories involve falling in front of others, I’ve decided to treat you to another regrettable moment.  Look, when I’m up for a big drinking session, it’s either champagne or rum and coke.  And usually this works for me – I know when I should start drinking water or eat something.  Unfortunately, whether the heat, the expired milk I’d had with my tea earlier in the day, or the amount of alcohol consumed, I found myself in a VERY sick state during a music festival last fall.  I won’t go into the messy details, because I’d much rather forget them.

Three good things: my friends are amazing, caring and very understanding individuals.  Secondly, long story short, I had a super strange dream, which led to an even stranger barely connected series of thoughts, which led to the idea for The Queen of England (which I even remembered the next day)!  And finally, I pulled the magic trick of leaving my purse in the taxi – only to have the taxi driver call and return it to me the following day (yes, he received a healthy tip for his honesty).

Archer knows the truth.

What are your thoughts?

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