Not quite there.

So, I had laid out some goals for myself (earlier post made on August 7th for completion by my Eid trip, starting September 20th) and I only met one of them, which, I think is pretty telling about how I spend my free time.

  • Get at least 5 reviews on Life After Joe (so I can kick up other parts of marketing the book).

I got to 4.  So close…  And there’s still time for you to write something nice.

  • Continue my Couch to 5K training.

Umm…  Well, I did exercise.  I didn’t lose as much weight as I wanted, nor did I run a 5K, but I was laid up for a solid five days with a rare cold (seriously, I don’t take sick days).  I would give myself a B- for effort.  More often than not, I got up early to do something, but I definitely could have pushed myself further.

  • Explore employment opportunities in Dubai for 2016.

I started a new blog, does that count?  No, it doesn’t.

  • Hit 15-20K words on Queen 2.

Yes!  Finally, something was achieved.  I made it to 16K+ and am now trying to figure out whether I should continue on or move towards editing Queen 1.  I’m excited with some of the scenes I wrote and where the manuscript will go.

  • Finish a rough draft of the pilot.

Not even close.  I could blame a few things – but I didn’t make it.  I’m hoping to officially download a copy of Final Draft and really kick things into gear with this project, but the realist in me is saying something different.

No real reason for this .gif, it just makes me feel better.

So, am I beating myself up over my 20% rate of completion?  No, the list was ambitious.  I can see myself making progress on each of these things by the end of the year, and that is enough for me.


What are your thoughts?

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