A potential hiatus…

Not from this blog, but from novel writing.  Here’s the thing, I’ve been working on a manuscript – consistently – since 2005.  Yes, now that I think about it, it’s been 10 years of projects, editing, rough drafts, publishing and everything in between.  Even though my output has been slowing down (thanks a lot, work), I’m in no way ‘worn out’ or hitting writer’s block.  This hiatus isn’t an excuse of any kind.  Instead, as I look ahead to what next year will bring, I wonder if it is best to give certain parts of my mind a ‘break.’  Yes, writing is a muscle that is used best on a daily basis, but I want to start my work hiatus on the best possible foot.  Sure, that could mean having a book immediately ready to publish, or it could mean that I’m rested and ready to flex my creative muscles.

The thought of trying to make serious progress on a book that I can only dedicate time (and limited energy) to on the weekends doesn’t seem to me as if it will be a best seller of any kind.  Both Queen 1 and 2 need TLC if they are going to survive the busy YA market.  And to do that, I need to give both projects my undivided attention.

Of course, it’s not as if I could shut down all of my projects.  Instead, I would take the 4 hours or so a week I’ve been trying to grind out 1,000 words and put it towards building my new blog, marketing my new book, running my Tumblr, enhancing my social media footprint, working on a pilot and y’know physical activity and keeping healthy and stuff.

So then, a question to anyone who this might apply to, have you ever been ‘on a break’ from a long term hobby or project?  What advice would you have?  Was it worth it?  I’m only slightly worried that I’ll have difficulty getting back into my books, but I think in this scenario that the good will overcome any bad.  All suggestions are welcome!

You tell em’ Ross!

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