Book(s) Review: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Welp, I got sucked into another YA series.  While not technically ‘research’ for anything in particular (I’m allowed, now and then just to read for fun), I have been completely wowed at Ms. Meyer’s ability to creatively world build.  (Also, full disclosure, I picked up this book after a learned the author had started in the same fandom I did #nerdalert).  Honestly, to see a variation on the (overdone) theme of fairy tales seamlessly integrated into a future science fiction space odyssey has been pretty amazing.  It’s also been the type of book where I want to stay up late and skip work to finish.  While I’m almost finished with Book 3 and know it will end on a cliffhanger, I’m excited to know that the fourth and final book will be available in November of this year.

Each book (Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress) has it’s own unique voice while moving the overall storyline forward (well done, Ms. Meyer).  Each of the characters as well as the supporting cast have unique voices and personalities.  Another element I enjoy (that I haven’t been doing enough of) is elevating the stakes.  In practically each scene of the novels, tension is high and much is on the line – literally life or death.  It’s what compels you to rapidly turn the pages.  I’m hoping that Ms. Meyer has a good editor and will not fall into whatever nonsense Ms. Roth went into during the conclusion of the Divergent series.



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