Book Review: Invasion of the Tearling

I stayed up late last night to finish novel #2 in the Tearling trilogy and am currently suffering from a major book hangover.  Ms. Johansen takes the world and characters she created in the Queen of the Tearling and expands them ever so wonderfully in the Invasion of the Tearling.  Delving into the mythology of how the world as Queen Kelsea and her peers came to know it, the author writes a parallel story that is well integrated into the main storyline.  It’s a major risk, but, in my opinion, the gamble pays off (other readers seem to disagree, but I think it adds another great layer to the book).

Ms. Johansen continues to build a wonderfully complicated protagonist.  Kelsea is impulsive (let’s just say that the scene where she ‘interacts’ with the Holy Father made me pump my fist, then run and tell my husband what happened), loyal, headstrong and…still trying to figure herself out.  She has faults.  She has temptations.  She can be unsure of herself.  However, the people in her life try to support her as best they can, while Kelsea does her best to protect her country.

Buy it!

With a strongly written supporting cast, I can’t wait to see how this series resolves.  The countdown to June 7, 2016 is on!

What are your thoughts?

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