30 Day Art Challenge, Day 25: Fave Place in Your Home

We’ve lived in a number of places since moving overseas, and with another move planned for February, I think I define ‘home’ differently than someone else might.  Essentially, where we are now is not a permanent anything, merely a place we are occupying.  I know that sounds brutal, but that is the reality.  I’m sure I will miss this place when we leave it, but other than it’s functionality and access to where I work, there is nothing memorable.

Having lived in a high rise previous to moving to Abu Dhabi, it’s nice to be on the first floor of an apartment and that our cat can enjoy the outdoor space practically all the time (you’ve already seen her this week).  We’ve also been able to grow basil, mint, tomatoes, and limes.

IMG_4772This terrace is also a place where we’ve taught numerous people how to saber champagne (it’s my party trick).

Where’s your favorite place in your home?


What are your thoughts?

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