Comparison is the thief of joy.

We compare ourselves, don’t we?  It’s a completely human trait.  And with social media being what it is these days, it’s nearly impossible not to know what your best friend, former co-worker, distant cousin, or boyfriend from second grade is doing with their life.  In the recent past, I feel more bombarded than ever by all the amazing things my friends, family members and acquaintances are doing.

It can be overwhelming.


For example, with my upcoming hiatus very heavy on my mind (I’ll be making it official by handing in my resignation in the near future), I still vacillate between ‘this is the best idea I’ve ever had’ to ‘what the actual hell are you doing with your life?’

Recent examples:

Friend gets huge promotion in television industry.  

My thoughts:  Why did we leave Los Angeles?  If we had stayed, would my career have the same trajectory?

Drafting my resignation letter.

My thoughts:  You’ve sold less books this year than ever.  Your current book isn’t moving.  How on earth do you think you can justify leaving a well paid job to pursue this hobby?

Friend gets awesome book agent.

My thoughts:  More of above.  Friend has book agent, traditionally published books and maintains full time job.  WHY ARE YOU LEAVING WORK?

People go on fantastic trips.

My thoughts: Even after visiting some incredible places in just this year alone, I know we could sneak at least two more visits into 2015.  Or, as Hubs likes to remind me, it sounds like I’m constantly saying ‘we never go anywhere.’

A person starts something up and in less than a week has tons of support.

My thoughts:  Why can’t I do the same thing?  Why aren’t my projects taking off in the same way?  I have tons of friends!  Oh yeah…it’s because I hate bothering people to push a product I assume they don’t want.  Furthermore, why can’t I achieve success without approaching every person I know?

Instagram is blowing up as a social media platform.

My thoughts:  Why didn’t I see this coming?  Have I lost my edge?  Is there still time to make the switch or am I just going to lose the audience I’ve worked so hard to obtain?

And so on and so forth.  My brain at night is a super fun place to hang out.


TL;DR Privileged person feels sad and probably just needs to get over herself.

What are your thoughts?

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