Top Ten Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me!

Although I’m a few weeks late, here’s my Top 10.  The original for this fun topic can be found here (which was originally posted here).

  1. An adaptation of any of Tamora Pierce’s novels to screen. (Did I mention that I get to help with casting?)
  2. The ability to ‘pause’ time to read every night.  I don’t always get time and it’s probably what I would do with more hours in a week.  So many books, so little time!
  3. Dinner and drinks with Gail Carriger.  I’d love to pitch my current YA steampunk book to her and just brainstorm ideas over champagne.
  4. Some sort of Sims type game in all my favorite universes, where I can control all the characters.
  5. More mainsteam fanfiction recognition (no, 50 Shades of Grey does NOT count!).  There are amazing authors out there who deserve some attention.
  6. The ability to consult my characters in real life.
  7. ALL the crossovers.  Multiple books where characters from different universes interact with each other (regardless of time period or world).
  8. My old book club to be able to get together regularly (even though we now live on 3 separate continents).
  9. An unlimited account on Amazon to download books with.  Without access to libraries and reading as fast as I do, this hobby adds up quickly!
  10. Lucid dreams with all those Regency hunks I love so much.


What would you ask the Book Genie for?


What are your thoughts?

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