Excerpt from Room 702 (w/bonus Ouija .gif!)

tumblr_nwp8wlnuvL1swmow8o2_540IDK, I saw this .gif and it made me think of a scene from Room 702:

“We place our fingers on the device and concentrate on a question or person. We ask the spirit to answer questions for us.”

“Okay,” Thalia says skeptically.

“You have to believe, T.”

“I do! I promise! So what should we ask first?”

“We need to know if Brendan is still in this room.” Closing her eyes and lowering her voice, Maureen says aloud, “Is Brendan Sullivan with us tonight?”

Ever-so-slightly the Ouija device swings toward the No response of the board. Both women take their hands off the board and look at each other. Thalia asks, “Does that mean someone else is here?”

Maureen chews on her thumbnail and responds, “Maybe we should ask if we can speak to Brendan? He could be busy in the afterlife.”

The women take a long moment to look at each other, and Thalia says, “You’re right. We didn’t come all this way not to find him. Plus your fans will want to know we tried everything.”


They place their hands back on the piece of plastic, and Maureen asks clearly, “May we please speak with Brendan Sullivan?”

Once again the planchette moves slowly but surely in the direction of No.

The ladies remove their hands, stumped by a piece of cardboard. Maureen comments glumly, “I guess we never thought he wouldn’t want to talk to us.”

Thalia snaps her fingers and says, “What if we ask who we can talk to?”

“Or maybe we should ask how he died?”

“You think that an inanimate object can tell us what the coroner couldn’t fully determine?”

“Maybe we can figure out if what he did was intentional or not.”

“Let’s try.”

They reposition their hands, and Maureen asks, “Did Brendan Sullivan commit suicide in this room?”

The device swings over to No more quickly than with the previous two questions. Thalia, in frustration, removes her hands and says, “Maybe we got a defective Ouija board. This one seems to be pessimistic.”

“All right, let’s give it one last try. Maybe we can get it to spell something for us.” Once again their fingers come to rest lightly on the plastic, and Maureen pitches her voice low. “Great spirits of the beyond, we seek a great favor from your wisdom. Although he cannot be reached on the other side, we seek to find out how Brendan Sullivan met his ultimate demise.”

“Laying it on a bit thick, don’t you think?” Thalia murmurs in a low tone.

Maureen whispers back, “Shh!” then continues, “If you would be so kind to tell us, we feel his spirit can come to rest and would be very grateful for your guidance.”

They wait in silence, on edge to see if something happens, and Maureen concludes, “How did Brendan die?”

What are your thoughts?

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