In which I do not care, and that’s (maybe) a good thing.

On a recent weekend, Hubs and I cashed in some points and made our way to the Radisson Blu in Fujairah (side note: do yourself a favor and don’t stay here).  Knowing we had a number of hours in the car, I printed off the NYT’s 36 Questions That Lead to Love.  Fortunately, I’m already very much in love with my husband of 12 years, but I think it’s rare we ask our partners the big questions.

In this instance, when we got to question #22 and I was surprised at Hubs’ answer.  The question is a fairly simple and straightforward one: Alternate sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of your partner. Share a total of five items.

It was when Hubs said “You really don’t care what people think” that I learned something new.

While he’s mostly right, I am a very strange person when it comes to people’s opinions.  For example, I had an uncomfortable meeting at work this week.  It kind of bothered me, but not enough to do any permanent damage.  On the other hand, the fact that I’m shortly releasing Life After Joe for free makes me totally freak out.


The reality is that some stranger leaving a review on one of my books has such a larger impact than anyone in my day to day life.  That’s not to say I’m running around not caring what people in my life think of me, it’s more that I’m super comfortable with who I am.  Until Hubs pointed it out, I didn’t really realize it was a trait worth having, or that others might not have.  However, maybe it’s my lack of caring about people’s opinions that have brought me to where I am in my life.  I self published my books, moved abroad and don’t plan on having children. I’m quitting my job to take up a hobby.

Is that any more or less than anyone else would do?


What are your thoughts?

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