Next Year… Setting Goals.

I’m a list maker.  I have no less than 4 kinds of To Do lists (yes, this is true).  It will come as no surprise then, that I want to put some goals and timelines in place before my last work day next year (January 28 – can you tell I’m counting down?).  Could I do this in a private venue?  Sure I could.  However, I want to put these goals into the collective – just to see where they go (and to keep myself honest).

kitty music gif
Cute cat for motivational purposes only.

Writing Stuff

  1. Edit 1st draft The Queen of England: Coronation
  2. Edit final draft The Queen of England: Coronation (to be complete at 75-80k)
  3. Publish The Queen of England: Coronation (and all that goes with it!)
  4. Complete rough draft The Queen of England: Grand Tour (60K minimum, 15K complete)
  5. Edit 1st draft Lucky Penny (35-40k)
  6. Complete 1st draft The Queen of England: Grand Tour (pending time, energy and motivation)
  7. Start rough draft A.U. (pending time, energy and motivation)
  8. Update all YA projects with back material
  9. Update Room 702/Life After Joe with back material
  10. Finish the pilot of DINKs (25-30 pages, screenplay)
  11. Drabbles for the Queen trilogy (January 2016)
  12. Maybe come up with a new cover for The Line (celebrating 10 years in February!).
  13. Follow up on the 94176128391 websites, articles and posts I have tagged to follow up as research, etc.

Personal Stuff

  1. 60kgs and under – my new permanent weight class.
  2. Move and set up of new place in Dubai.
  3. Household maintenance (as a stay at home wife/author, I completely accept this responsibility.  My inner feminist is a bit hesitant about not having a regular paycheck, but as a spouse I accepts that this is a good balance – one only made possible by Hubs working full time.)
  4. Online course, better website management and other social media type skills (analytics, SEO and other terminology I shouldn’t be scared of).
  5. 20% increase in ‘new’ traffic and followers across all social media (Pinterest, Twitter, blog, Tumblr).
  6. Regular flossing.
  7. Beating insomnia once and for all.
  8. Do something with the boutique villa hotel idea thing.
  9. New hobby or skill (I’m thinking guitar lessons or getting back into fencing or salsa dancing).

Year of Saying Yes

Of everything I’m planning for next year, I actually think this will be the most difficult.

  1. At least once a week (!) attend something (provided I receive necessary invites).
  2. Write up a blog post about the experience (no matter how random).

And there you go – a fairly involved plan of attack for February 2016 – January 2017.511873829447c8db6ce9083833723977 (1)



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