Book Review: Ticker

It is very rare for me to so complete dislike a book within the first few pages.  As an author, I honestly try and give the benefit of the doubt as often as possible.


Assaulted from the first chapter, the level of STEAMPUNK!!! in Ticker is altogether too overwhelming for my tastes.  While I understand world building is important, especially when establishing a new place and time, the amount of detail crammed into each sentence goes above and beyond to be unique and eclectic. This style is far too obvious and clunky for me to want to invest further time in this novel.  Furthermore, with no real connection to the protagonist (don’t get me wrong, I get and respect that she’s different), I am stopping at 13% (very rare for me).  OMG_i_can't_even

I think this book is a valuable lesson in the type of novel I definitely do not want to write or be compared to.  While I appreciate elements of steampunk are necessary in the genre, my alternate history is going to focus less on gadgets, gizmos and stylized naming conventions and more on the story and character development of Queen Juliette, her reign and her friends and family.

And sidebar, I will most definitely NOT be taking a page from Ms. Mantchev, and naming her Penelope (Penny f*cking) Farthing.

Ticker cover
Brilliant cover – wish the novel lived up to it!

Am I missing something?  Have you read and enjoyed this book?  Is it worth trying to go forward?

What are your thoughts?

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