A Big Question.

Would you be okay if your books don’t bring in a lot of money, but you have a great time writing full-time and make lots of meaningful connections with readers?

I often chat with my friend Elena, a talented author and artist in her own right.  Last night, she posed this question and I don’t think she realized how much it stuck with me.

Given next year‘s plans, I honestly do not know what to expect.  Optimistically, I’d love to believe that commercial and critical success await. Realistically, I doubt that’s entirely possible.  To date, I’ve been fortunate to make some very meaningful connections with a variety of readers.  Would those types of relationships sustain me?  I think for awhile, it would be okay, however, in the long term, if I am staying home and concentrating on writing, I would want to have some small degree of financial success with my published works.  Was that enough commas?

What do you think, dear reader?  Is it enough to be loved by a few, or do you crave acceptance from the masses?

What are your thoughts?

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