Book Review: Throne of Glass

This series had been recommended by a friend and author, whose opinion I definitely respect.  Upon receiving my favorite holiday gift (a gift card to Amazon so I can download to my heart’s content), I bought the first novel and finished it in record time.

Y’all, I loved this book so hard.

Growing up, I was influenced and utterly adore a young woman in a traditionally male role (hello Alanna!), so I immediately warmed to protagonist Celaena.  She’s tough.  She likes to eat.  She’s guarded (and rightfully so).  Against her better judgement, she’s also a teenager with feelings and emotions.  And she happens to be an incredible assassin.

Highly recommend.

As I’m already well into the second book (and can’t wait for the holiday break to tear through the remaining novels in the series), there are so many things I realize my own writing is missing.  If I compare the love triangle in my current YA project it has none of the straight up gravitas that Ms. Maas’s does.  I think it’s the ultimate complement to an author that inspires other writers to do better.  The cast has depth and personality and I also loved the inclusion of supernatural and mythological elements.  Also, like my fictional world, her protagonist has to find a way to exist in a patriarchal society – something I’m also struggling with.  Something else I love?  There is enough packed in the first novel that it absolutely stands alone, but also sets the foundation for the remainder of the books (another thing I need to work on!!).

And finally, I was unbelievably proud to see that the origin of this series came from support and the audience over at FictionPress – something the author gives thanks to in the acknowledgements of the first book.  Way to go!

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