A good visualization about next year.

I think it’s established I like a good podcast and while I haven’t read Big Magic (by Elizabeth Gilbert) which has been recommended by multiple friends, I did discover Magic Lessons, an audio recording related to the material of the book (great idea!).  In the third episode, Liz speaks to her guest about how the many things in the guest’s life have been preparation for all the great things ahead.  Liz makes a fantastic analogy of the journey as being on the runway and getting ready for take off.  As a visualization, this concept really stuck with me.  Given the unknown — but hopefully friendly skies that await me — I’m optimistic that I am ready to leave the ground soon!

If you haven’t checked out this podcast, I highly recommend it. No matter what your background or current goals, I think there is something that will speak to you as Liz chats with her guests.


Always post Audrey. Always.

Do you have any ‘go to’ visualizations for the future?

What are your thoughts?

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