Week by numbers.

I’m testing out this kind of post, which I hope to continue doing every Thursday – kind of a weekly check in for various progress of different projects:

  • 400 words (The Queen drabbles, from 1.3.2016)
  • 300 words (Confessions sequel, from 1.3.2016)
  • 4 villas, in contention for our new residence starting February 1, 2016
  • 1 Gucci bag, purchased on my behalf by a good friend (which is currently sitting in Dubai and I want it so desperately and I also need to pay her back)
  • 3 days, I felt bad for Room 702, so I did a quick facebook ad for it which yielded…
  • 43 likes, but…
  • 0 sales.  😦
  • 1 time, I opened the DINKs character reference sheet
  • 0…number of Diet Cokes I’ve consumed — gotta break that habit!
  • 1.5…number of alcoholic beverages I’ve consumed — trying to give my liver a break!
  • 1…number of emergency dental procedures I’ve had (ugh!).
  • Maldives, trip I’m considering for May (gotta love those flydubai sale prices).

Gif of the week:



What are your thoughts?

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