Some thoughts on if I win the lottery…

Not sure where you hail from in the world, but there is some serious money up for grabs in the States (1.3 billion USD in the Powerball lottery).  I asked my Dad to purchase some tickets on behalf of Hubs and myself, because, who knows?

So, with a bit of anxiety around ending my current job, moving out of my current apartment and into a new villa, it’s no surprise I’m having some worse than usual insomnia.  As I’ve tried to get to sleep the past couple of nights, I started thinking about what I would spend the Powerball money on if I was the winner.

Which, for the record, is an intimidating amount of money…

I’d first assume that half (or some other large portion) would immediately go to taxes.  Fine, whatever.  Also, I would absolutely choose to remain anonymous.

My next thought was how much I would need for the rest of my life – certainly, not anywhere close to the total amount, so, like many altruistic individuals, I would set up a trust (ala Bill and Melinda Gates) and get to giving across all kinds of platforms and organizations.  To do so, I would most likely need a team of lawyers as well as a private wealth fund team.  This all seems like a worthy undertaking – especially if it can make the jackpot last for decades.

Of course, I would be spending some money on myself, and came up with a wish list:

  • Being able to hire the right people to help with my manuscripts (most essentially, top editors to help develop my stories)
  • Spending more money to market my books
  • A total vanity project, but I’d love to adapt one of my books to screen
  • Buying a plane – or, at least, traveling first class the rest of my life.
  • Maybe doing this?
  • Buying properties around the world and then fixing them up.

make it rain

Where would you spend your billion?

What are your thoughts?

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