There are such things as magical haircuts.

Shallow as it might be, I wanted to make a physical change to signify my upcoming departure from the ‘real world.’  I debated getting a small tattoo, piercing my nose or cutting my hair.  While I haven’t ruled out the other options, for now, the hair cut will do.

I booked my appointment at the salon yesterday, and after taking care of some major roots, showed the stylist the picture of the ‘look’ I wanted.  Of course, I’ve had short hair before, but as the shears went snip, I felt lighter — physically and mentally.  Four inches of hair, gone in an instant.

No regrets, whatsoever.

The world immediately agreed with my decision.  Hubs asked for a photo (he was working in Dubai), so I obliged.  As a friend once said about an early profile pic of mine, ‘You look like such a Courtney Brandt in that picture.’ And I knew what he meant.  As a non-photogenic person (not fishing here folks, it’s a fact of life), every once in awhile there’s a photo that perfectly captures a moment in your life — something that is YOU — and how you define yourself to the world.

With the below photo, I posted it on everyone’s favorite social media channel and spent the evening amazed at how many people responded — new friends, old friends, people I hadn’t heard from in ages.  While I’m kind of wondering why I didn’t cut my hair sooner, it’s nice to have this exact moment of knowing, ‘This is what I want my future to look like.  This is the person who is going to be successful in the year ahead.  This is a person who might be 35, but feels a lot younger.’

Ann Benjamin, Courtney Brandt Have you ever had a magical haircut?

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