Week by numbers.

The business of moving is knackering, is it not?  A few for the week…

  • 3, trips between Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • 1, hour the amount of time our cat spent yowling
  • 2, the numbers of poos she did in her kitty carrier (this means she is healthy, but it was crazy smelly)
  • 231, estimated number of towels and sheets we own (currently, on the floor of the second bedroom)
  • 50, estimated number of glasses we own (taking up all pantry space)
  • 3, times I missed exits trying to get somewhere close by…
  • 1, detour I made to Dubai Mall
  • 20, minutes I lost the car (with a full trolley of groceries)
  • 2, number of times I cried (hoping this is a mixture of moving house, lack of sleep, and the whole quitting job emotion together)
  • 1, new cat basket purchased
  • 2, number of times the early call to prayer woke me up (I slept straight through it this morning)
  • 1, review published with FooDiva

Gif of the week:


What are your thoughts?

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