In which moving is a difficult ask for Type A people (such as myself).

You want stress?  Try moving.

You want more stress?  Do it in the Middle East.

Even as this is my fourth move (LA – Dubai, Dubai – Doha, Doha – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Dubai) in eight years, it certainly does not get any easier.  For a list doing type A person such as myself it’s practically torture.  I can do everything right (schedule, call, follow up) and it still all goes wrong, leaving me to wonder what the hell I am doing.

Currently on my list of frustrations:

  • Need to get garbage can delivered, can’t do because a charge wasn’t cleared (that I didn’t know about until this morning and the person who I need to clear it with won’t pick up the phone);
  • A person is going to come out and (hopefully!) fix the washing machine (which hasn’t worked since we moved in) (laundry is piling up);
  • 5+ people a day ring my doorbell to try and get me to use their landscaping or cleaning services;
  • I try and set up appointments, only to have no response or answer (even when I follow up);
  • When I do somehow manage to get through to someone, the appointment is usually as generic as ‘Tuesday’ (which makes leaving the villa or starting any sort of project nearly impossible…mostly just me, but I hate being interrupted);
  • I need to get a new visa, but getting my insurance arranged has been a bit of a nightmare;
  • We need to close out on the old apartment, but have to wait until we receive bills from the power and water companies;
  • There is no wine in the house (Hubs hasn’t applied for Dubai liquor license);
  • I should be writing;
  • I should be editing;
  • I should be exercising;
  • I should be trying out new restaurants and writing about them;
  • I should be following up on leads for writing.

This too shall pass, right?  Why don’t I remember the other moves as being so stressful?

What are your thoughts?

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