Week by numbers.

Moving still continues to frustrate me, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some numbers to share:

  • 75, pages edited of The Queen of England: Coronation
  • 2, new tires purchased
  • 74,407, steps this week
  • 2, recipes (out of 3) that I messed up (tofuuuuuuu!!!!)
  • 13, number of days I have until I need to leave to country (when my temporary visa runs out)
  • 4, number of HIIT circuits I’ve completed (need to get today’s done at some point)
  • 61.2, kilograms I currently weigh (goal is 60)
  • 3, number of PB&J’s consumed (comfort lunch)
  • 0, diet cokes consumed
  • 0, sleep aids taken
  • 0, loads of laundry completed (washer is still broken)
  • 0, sanitation pick ups arranged (no municipal garbage can!)

Gif of the week:

Parks and Rec


What are your thoughts?

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