All that can be accomplished in a month.

So, it’s been a month.

One month since I left NYUAD for the (still) sunny shores of Dubai.  There is much that has been accomplished.  I finished my ‘half’ first draft of The Queen of England: Coronation (and have now started the very arduous task of incorporating all my notes and questions).  A 3 bedroom apartment is now set up as a 2 bedroom villa (WITH trash pick up and regular maid service).  I have a new residence permit.  I started volunteering.  I’ve got some food reviews lined up.  I took my cat to the vet, just to check her healthy levels.  I’ve made it to some new restaurants.  We’ve met up with old friends.  I thought about trying to lose weight.  All in all, it’s not been too bad a month.

Do I miss my old job?  I can tell you honestly — not even a little.  I carry no regret, guilt or emotion towards the work I did.  It’s almost as if (with all puns intended), it was a chapter in my life.  The chapter ended and I’m onto the next one.

I think the biggest struggle for me has been how to balance everything I want to do.  I am a person who feels inherently guilty when I am not working on my book.  If this year off was supposed to be about writing and editing, then why am I not doing more?  Of course, there are limits, but when accepting other opportunities, it feels like I’m cheating on my manuscripts.  Therefore, I’ve been trying (and kind of failing) to reserve one day during the week where I am at the house all day to work on projects.  Thus far, it’s been a bit theoretical, but I think this anchor day is a key to balance.

For example, today I volunteered from 9-1PM, exercised a bit before that and came home to work 2 hours for my PT job, write an article I wasn’t expecting to, and thus far, fail to look at my poor manuscript.  To you, that might not sound all that stressful, but for me I feel anxious and unsettled…and it’s hard to break that mentality.

Of course, I have consistently been engaged with this WIP, and while maybe I’m in unchartered territory and still trying to find my way, I’m doing better than I thought I was.


Any thoughts on transitions and balance are welcome!

What are your thoughts?

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