Apensanteur: Time as an invention and concept.

This invitation popped up late last week, and with nothing going on for Tuesday, I RSVP’d to attend.  Having a bit of a late one last night, as well as the gloomy weather in Dubai this week, I almost skipped the event, but am so glad I decided to attend.

Starting time?  The invitation read 10:00-12:00AM and after a few many missed turns, I managed to get to the gallery at just around 10:20.  A discussion was led by the director of the gallery at 10:30AM.

Refreshments?  Poached quail egg anyone?  Lemonade and a few others well done hors d’oeuvres were passed around.  (Quite unexpected, but appreciated – 10:00AM on a Tuesday is an awkward ‘meal’ time on anyone’s calendar).

This beats my usual breakfast by a significant margin.

Location?  The M.A.D.Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue.

Messages?  Hearing any artist speak about their work is always a treat, especially when an untrained viewer (such as myself) would completely miss out on all the fantastic meaning. Quentin Carnaille was fascinating to listen to, and there was a lot of good questions from the group.

Imagine a collection of levitating magnetized watch parts.

In reality, it’s a study of time.  Time, which is a completely human construct, is this big concept that is difficult to translate into art.  Yet, these pieces did a fantastic job.  Not only are they literally made of time (watch pieces), but the original set was a collection of 12 (for the hours in the day).  As these pieces move (each in a unique unpredictable way)…because, life is random and everything is always changing, isn’t it?

time piece
Another one of the stunning time pieces.
Not for those with arachnophobia.

Personal reflections.  Readers, I will be honest with you.  I went into this event with limited expectations.  I walked out with appreciation that there can be meaning in the day to day, that there are reminders of the human experience all around us.  As Mr. Carnaille spoke, I thought of a project which has been dancing at my periphery recently.  My Fates project, which I feel I have more or less abandoned for years, has a lot to do with the concept of time.

Also, and a bit of a tangent as we discussed Mr. Carnaille’s next project (related to space), I thought about my books (obviously).  And how, maybe at some point in a month or day or hour, that there might be people, in different locations reading my book.  And that it would be some sort of unique shared experience.

Swag?  Some nice marketing material on artists and artwork available at the gallery.  A cute wooden art man.  A zip drive.

Bottom line.  More of this in my life, please.

Any deep thoughts for your Tuesday?

What are your thoughts?

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