Week by numbers.

I had a very nice week to reset after being tour guide last week.  Perhaps it’s the inner introvert in me, but I place a lot of value in time to myself.  In this case, I put the extra hours towards writing and exercise.

  • 185, pages edited (think I may finish up next week…well, at least Draft .75)
  • 66,082, current word count.  I’ve been adding in a few necessary scenes and dialogue.
  • 1, visit to the Autodrome track to walk (Hubs did some biking).
  • 6, episodes of Daredevil watched (not quite a binge, but…I’m fairly certain we will finish season 2 this weekend)
  • Monday, my car reregistration day — please wish me luck!
  • 1, book finished!  It wasn’t amazing, but it felt good to (sort of) get into a book and complete it.  I’m even working my way through a new book now (even if the protagonist is super annoying and I want to slap her).

Gif(s) of the week, I couldn’t pick one:

Gilmore Girls gif
This is so me, it hurts.
In which we are all Elektra.

What are your thoughts?

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