Week by numbers.

What a productive week!

  • 70,655, current total word count (The Queen)
  • 220 pages, current total pages.  I expect this to change as I…
  • 500+, instances of ‘that’ in the manuscript.  I’m currently going through to fine tune this draft including removing very, that and really, as well as add in a few missing scenes.
  • 1, voice over demo I recorded.  Now, to get some work…
  • 2, awesome friends we had to say goodbye to this week (as they did a REPAT back to the States).
  • 1, car reregistered (super easy – thanks Abu Dhabi!)
  • 2, tickets purchased to Bali (Qatar Airways, damn you and your amazing sales!)

Gif(s) of the week:


Liz Lemon

What are your thoughts?

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