That song you forgot you loved and find years later and still know all the words to…

When our Friday brunch turned into a 12+ hour day, we ended up back at our villa, singing along to songs from the early aughts (doesn’t everyone do this?).  As one song led to another, we ended up on Saves the Day’s Freakish, a song I vividly remembered the lyrics to.  As though it were yesterday (and not 2002 when this was on heavy rotation), I instantly recalled the exact moment this song represented in my life.  New to town, Hubs and I driving around Los Angeles…when Trader Joe’s was expensive, when we lived in Northridge, when we didn’t have a clue, that we had no idea in a few short years we would move overseas…  We were just two engaged kids trying to figure out who they were post college.

Where do songs go when they are lost to us?  How do we get them back?  What was your song?

What are your thoughts?

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