On motivation.

This week has been a struggle.  Two months into the edit of The Queen of England: Coronation, I thought I would be closer to finishing.  I thought I would be wrapping up a first draft I would be pleased to share with any number of readers and moving on to work out a cover and some of the other fun marketing stuff.  Instead, I have approximately estimated 15,000 more notes I want to include, a character I just added and a ton of missing letters from a secret admirer.

The rational part of my head knows the suggestions, edits and bits of history will serve to make a stronger novel.  The unmotivated part of me says, ‘Fuck it, why aren’t we done with this thing yet?’  The two sides are not playing nicely and while I have been making progress, I am fairly desperate to move on.

Taking a break feels wrong, but maybe a week off would give me some much needed clarity.

Have you ever taken some time off of a long term project?  How did you kickstart your motivation?  No, I shouldn’t start writing another book, RIGHT?

What are your thoughts?

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