Borrowed from a friend, I saw this and thought, ‘Yes, self, this is exactly your struggle.’  Of course, this is the conflict of every person, not just me.  And like others, I am complicated.  I like a lot of things.  I am the same person who can be excited for a multi-course meal and buy a Peropon all in the same week.  I can geek out over YA fiction and Regency romance and watch documentaries or read thoughtful essays.  I can write fanfiction and original fiction in the same day (and love them both).  I can not want to have kids, live halfway across the world from where I was born, and call my cat by 1,000 nicknames.  I can be married to the same person for 13 years and crush on certain actors.

Anyway, I’m glad this ‘search of self’ (for lack of a better word) has a name.  The definition makes the attempt of above to find easier (somehow).

Have you found your Ikigai?  How did you get there?

What are your thoughts?

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