The Case of the Missing Freckles.

So, I’ve moved past editing my ‘red pen’ notes and am (more or less) finished incorporating the larger notes for The Queen of England: Coronation (as for the history, er, um…what’s that over there?).

What has changed thus far?

  • I moved a lot of stuff around.  A LOT.  In my hopes and attempt at keeping the plot moving, I brought a ton of stuff forward.  In this, I believe the action moves more quickly.
  • Added two new characters!  They were both necessary to a few missing plot devices.
  • Cut 1700 words (I have a scratch page open for scenes I wanted to include, but just can’t seem to find a home), however, I…
  • Added a few too many words.  Now weighing in at 74,755 words (239 pages), this is roughly 8K over where a traditional YA book in the same genre would clock in at.  I’m not particularly married to any word count, and I think the manuscript ‘reads’ fast, however, I’ll have to see what my beta readers have to say…  There are a few scenes I can see ending up in the bin.  For the record, the majority of words came towards the end of the book (which still needs work).
  • A further commitment to magic.
  • Realized I gave my protagonist freckles in the first few pages and then NEVER MENTION THEM AGAIN.  Poor freckles.

I’m starting to feel good about parts of this book.  I think the opening is quite strong, but I have a significant lack of an antagonist which is kind of killing me.  I’m happy with some of the ‘intrigue’ I added, but am fairly certain my characters are underdeveloped.  I want to add more steampunk and Victorian elements, but can’t find the motivation to do so.

What happens next?

parks and rec

parks and rec gif

Well, not entirely.  While I find beta readers for this draft (let me know if you’re interested), I’m going to pick up the sequel (which I left at like, 15K).  As much as I would LOVE to leave the world of the Queen, there is too much evidence that a series is best done, y’know, in a timely manner.  Also, I haven’t written my book yet this year.  Also, I feel like writing something new and the thought of editing is yuck.  So, sorry, A.U. you’re just going to have to wait until later this year or early 2017.

I’m also going to ramp up the preplanning of marketing the book for when it’s finished.  Oh, and maybe even finalizing the cover.  And still reading any YA steampunk that sounds good.  So, the next 6 weeks will be interesting.  If I am being realistic, I will most likely not pick The Queen (Book #1) until my return from the States in mid-June.  This date feels like the right amount of space to give myself so that I can get pumped for the final draft.

What are you working on these days?

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