On the topic of weight loss.

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Replace ‘Nick’ with ‘Ann’ and you’d be right!

As my hiatus goes into its fourth month, I realize I am nowhere close to the goal weight I had initially set out myself.  (Probably, it has something to do with launching a food blog, but that’s just a guess).

At a recent charity event, we won the C9 detox cleanse (!) and it also happened that a friend had just come off experimenting completing the system.  As her weight loss was encouraging, I decided ‘why not?’  To be fair, I’ve never done something like this before.  Yes, I’ve done a boot camp (with little to no results), so I’m curious how this effort will end (and how quickly I will gain back the weight).  With less than a month until our trip home (gots to look good), I’m glad to have a regime to follow.  Whether or not I lose 1kg or 1lb, it will be nice to kick off a bit better effort in my health!

Do you have any hints or suggestions?  I know what equation works for me, but can’t seem to find the motivation to kick it up like I did for Vegas.

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