Sunday Sentence.

My whole life I’d been teased by some people and lauded by others for my fierce fixation on time, but it wasn’t a thing I could easily change. And in this instance, turning up late wouldn’t just bother me, it would also be rude to our hostess. I’d have to go down on my own. I clenched both my hands and relaxed them, releasing the burst of adrenaline as I reminded myself that I needn’t be anxious.

A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley

I’ve read Susanna Kearsley in the past, and tend to enjoy her work.  While the books tend to move a bit slow (and this one was tied up with far too happy and tidy an ending), they are always well researched.  In this instance, the protagonist is autistic and very clearly on the spectrum.  The above passage really spoke to me.  As I continue to struggle and work with my own issues, this section could be directly lifted from my head and it was intriguing to see the scenario written out so perfectly.


What are your thoughts?

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